Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets: When it comes to what you wear on the bike your jacket is the ultimate statement. Yet more so it comes second only to your helmet in terms of safety on the bike.

Whether it’s a classic black leather motorcycle jacket or more modern armoured denim motorcycle shirt – plus everything in between we cover it in this section. Needless to say, the emphasis is placed on quality and style.

We’re particularly fond of motorcycle jackets that look great on and off the bike. No longer is there a need to walk the streets looking like a power-ranger or Star Wars stormtrooper just because you rode your bike.

There’s an ever-increasing number of brands, that make motorcycle jackets that look like everyday wear – however with safety firmly in mind. 

That’s great news if you dig retro or custom motorcycles!

Rider wearing Goldtop Black Leather Jacket with Hedon Helmet

Goldtop Bobber – The Rocker Jacket Evolved

In 1978, a buddy of mine gave me my first bike leather, an ancient Goldtop. The gold quilted lining was ripped, the pockets were worn through, but the word Rocker was still clearly visible across the back from holes left by long-departed chrome studs....