Retro Bikes Croatia 1977 Kawazaki Z650 HERITAGE


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Retro Bikes Croatia

Retro Bikes Croatia (RBC) is a motorcycle workshop based in Zagreb, with a penchant for customising and restoring modern and classic/vintage, Japanese and European motorcycles. This small operation is run by passionate mechanics, motorcycle enthusiasts, and avid riders, who put a lot of love into their hand-built creations.

RBC’s philosophy of building old-school bikes centres around the importance of real-world riding, function, comfort, and reliability. The shop works to express the idiosyncratic personalities of its clients. RBC provides restoration services tailored to various budgets while infusing attention-grabbing retro vibes into unique machines.

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  Retro Bikes Croatia


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 Intera d.o.o., Ilica 168a, Zagreb, Croatia



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