Rider’s Journal

‘Rider’s Journal’ is a collection of stories from riders from diverse backgrounds, all of whom naturally share a passion for motorcycles, namely custom and modern classics/neo-retros, though not exclusively.

Here we feature the inner thoughts of our editors, writers and contributors, in their personal, everyday experience of motorcycling and moto-culture.

Malle Mile 2019 Report

Malle Mile 2019: For one weekend in July, the usually immaculate landscape of Kevington Hall gets ripped apart by a bunch of lunatics on motorcycles, of all persuasions. ... Read More...


I heard about Camp VC long before I knew much about what VC London itself was and the women behind it. I had the opportunity in February to check out the VC headquarters and meet with Gemma (one of the founders) along with Koji from Motowitch, Tasha from Motoculture,... Read More...