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White Collar Bike

White Collar Bike

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White Collar Bike

White Collar Bike is a boutique custom motorcycle workshop in Bandung, Indonesia. The shop’s founder and industrial designer, Ram Ram Januar, uses advanced techniques and expert craftsmanship to build world-renowned bikes — insisting on creating original, handmade components from scratch while buying as little parts as possible.

Ram Ram Januar usually builds all-new machines around just an engine, through a full process that takes industrial designs from 3-D renderings to clay models and beyond. One of his specialties is fabricating and shaping aluminium with detailed lines – achieved by the ingenious method of layering metal sheets. White Collar Bike is no stranger to incorporating unique materials like kevlar, wood, and carbon fibre into its work.

Suffice it to say, every high-end piece that rolls out of White Collar is one of a kind.

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