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Motorcircus Mission Manx: Berlin to the Classic TT

Four BMW Boxers: From Berlin to the Isle of Man TT: ‘Mission Manx’ is an oldie but a goodie and perfect for a rainy weekend afternoon as we (in the northern hemisphere) put summer riding well and truly behind us.

This subtitled film follows the custom motor outfit MotorCircus, who rode their four vintage custom BMW boxers on a journey from Berlin to the Isle of Man, Classic TT.

Mission Manx MotorCircus Tank

At its essence, this short film is about four friends making good on a promise/dream to ride to the Classic TT. The quartet make a few stops along the way to sample British life and custom culture; notably, they pop into the Ace Cafe.

Look out for the R100/7 airhead in the video.

MotorCircus presents Mission Manx from Schütze on Vimeo. Post Production by SCHÜTZE & MASSLEVEL.