Goldtop Predator Gloves Review Return of The Cafe Racers - brown Triumph Seat

Goldtop Predator Gloves Review

Goldtop Predator Gloves Review Return of The Cafe Racers - brown Triumph Seat
Overall Score

Goldtop England’s Predator motorcycle gloves marry vintage aesthetics with CE-certified protective features.

They’re ideal summer, late-spring or early-autumn gloves for discerning retro, custom and classic riders who value neo-retro style and protection.

With my first pair, I covered 16,000 miles in around four years. I love them so much, I wore them through several winters.

They’re comfortable, breathable and offer excellent tactile feedback. And if you own a pair, they’ll likely become your everyday go-to gloves.

Road Test Conditions

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Setting: Urban and inter-urban riding
  • Weather Conditions: Dry and Wet
  • Mileage: 16,000 miles
  • Season(s): Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn

Key Takeaways

  1. They’re ideal for summer, late spring, or early autumn use, for retro and classic riders who value style and protection.
  2. They’re comfortable, breathable and provide excellent tactile feedback.
  3. I found them to be durable, covering 16,000 miles in around four years with my first pair.
  4. They fit like an old pair of gloves right out of their packaging.
  5. However, they lack touchscreen functionality, which might bother some riders.

For those of you for whom that endorsement is enough, you can buy a pair from Goldtop directly or Amazon.

If you require more due diligence before purchasing, here’s an in-depth review. Spoiler alert: There isn’t a bad word written beneath.

Goldtop Predator Gloves: In-Depth Review

Goldtop Predator Gloves Review:  Black - silk lining

About Goldtop England

Firstly let’s delve into some background: Goldtop England was established in 1951. The company initially produced equestrian products. Notably, it was an official supplier to the Royal Household Cavalry.

Goldtop Shop External with Bikes
Goldtop England Shop, Bishop’s Stortford – Image: @unparalleledtwin

By the 1960s, it had become a motorcycle outfitter with a reputation for stylish, well-designed yet, affordable and robust motorcycle outwear.

Skipping forward several decades, now under the ownership of father-son duo, Kevin and Joe Cullen, that tradition continues.

The brand retains its nostalgic charm while embracing modern safety standards within its vintage-inspired, CE-certified protective motorcycle jackets, gloves and other moto lifestyle apparel.

Rooted in heritage, Goldtop masterfully combines function with fashionable riding gear. It’s built a reputation in the 21st century for exceptional craftsmanship and refinement within visually appealing retro gear that offers riders protection.

For classic, retro and custom bikers, Goldtop answers the question, ‘How do I match my protective gear to my bike?’.

First Impressions

Purple lining of black Motorcycle Gloves on - Triumph Thruxton tank

These Goldtop gloves arrived in minimalist packaging that kept the focus on… well them.

Inside there was an assortment of stickers and cards featuring vintage graphics from Goldtop’s library. It’s a neat touch that immerses you in the brand’s rich heritage.

There was also a tin of Goldtop’s special water-repellent nourishing balm which helps maintain the sheen of the gloves and prolong their longevity. The balm has an incredibly pleasing scent which invokes images of well-worn motorcycle leather and open roads.

The whole package is like a tiny time capsule reinforcing the brand’s historical roots.

But it’s the gloves that steal the show. Up close they exude an air of quality and feel soft and supple to the touch. Their new leather smell is intoxicating.

Style & Looks

Goldtop Predator Gloves resting on a Triumph Thruxton tank Black

I chose the Predator gloves in black aware that sometimes even bold designs can be subdued by the colour or aptly, the absence of it. Not so with these gloves. Diamond stitching on the thumbs combined with perforated panels and ribbed edges creates a compelling form that holds your attention.

The gloves are also available in Waxed Brown, Sand, Oxblood, Racing Green and the Return of the Cafe Racers (ROTCR) x Goldtop special edition. The latter is a modish two-tone jet black and whisky brown leather combo with an embossed ROTCR emblem. It works well.

Close-up of Return of The Cafe Racers brown and black motorcycle gloves

In terms of cut, the Predator gloves are a short-cuff design with perforated panels that contribute to a sporty aesthetic. The floating knuckle protection panel is practical yet adds to the gloves’ distinctive visual allure.

These warm-weather motorcycle gloves walk a fine line between the old and new effortlessly. And, while they might echo vintage aesthetics, they have a modern edge that works harmoniously.

The result is a glove that appeals to a broad spectrum of riders within the classic, retro and custom segments. Equally, they wouldn’t look out of place on a casually dressed rider on a sports or naked bike, whether neo-retro or not.

I found I was able to match them to the vintage-style, wax motorcycle jackets in my moto gear locker as well as more contemporary jackets.

A quick search through social media (#goldtopengland) reveals riders on a diverse set of machines donning Goldtop’s wares. Café racers, scramblers and retro roadsters however are the predominant images.

Fit & Comfort

Rider wearing Return of The Cafe Racers version of Goldtop Predator gloves

When it comes to fit and comfort, these gloves do not disappoint. Constructed with 1.0 mm premium drum-dyed Aniline cowhide leather, they are robust. Yet, I found they feel incredibly soft and comfortable right out of the package.

The silk lining adds to the refinement and enhances comfort further still. It covers the interior of the perforated back panel.

The opening of the gloves is spacious, which means I don’t have to contort my hands and then cram them in, as with some gloves. They slip on easily without fuss.

Operating jacket zips (zippers) and even delving into the pockets of my Belstaff Trialmaster to fish out my wallet is easy. Admittedly, those particular pockets are exceptionally voluminous. But I can accomplish the same feat with slightly more difficulty wearing my Crosby jacket.

Violet silk lining of the Predators

With ~23.5 cm (9.25 ins) circumference around the widest points of my hands, I settled on the XL size. Ordinarily, my thumbs come up short in other gloves, leaving an annoying floppy, useless piece of material at the end of the thumb.

However, the fit is near perfect. And that’s another reason why I love these gloves.

I recognise fit is highly subjective. Nevertheless, in my defence, the gloves are universally praised for their spot-on fit.

The Velcro fastener offers a welcomed degree of flexibility and a custom fit around my wrists keeping them securely and comfortably in place.

Performance & Functionality

Ribbed Velcro Fastening Strap

Where these gloves excel is their functionality. The unlined palm means excellent tactile feedback.
I didn’t suddenly have to reprogramme my brain to interact with the instruments panel and other controls, like indicators [turn-signals] and lights.

This retention of vital haptic feedback ensures my Thruxton’s controls feel familiar and not alien with the gloves on. Without labouring the point, the unhindered feel elevates the gloves from protectors to ride enhancers.

Protection from the elements (to a certain extent) and breathability are balanced, thanks to the silk lining and perforated panels. The perforation ensures just enough airflow to keep your hands cool and comfortable. The interior silk lining serves as a barrier against wind blasts, meaning your hands don’t get cold on cooler summer days — or riding home on a British summer evening.

So, while they’re in essence summer gloves, you can use them for a good chunk of the year through late spring and early autumn. It means you’ll get excellent mileage with them, making their purchase a sound investment – as I found.

I used my set as everyday go-to gloves. And I wore them in all-weather conditions through all seasons, including four winters (admittedly augmented with Knox cold killers).

On the coldest days, I added an extra set of thin inner gloves, with hand warmers lodged between the floating knuckle panel and the back of the glove. Not ideally!

It’s not how these moto gloves were meant to be worn — and I wouldn’t advise it. They were quite evidently created with the warmer months of the year in mind. With that said, I couldn’t part with mine, even in the colder months.

Durability & Protection

Black gloves resting on a Triumph Thruxton cafe racer motorcycle fuel tank with

Don’t be fooled by the gloves’ stylish exterior — they’re CE-certified as Personal Protective Equipment to Level 1, EN 13594:2015. Bear in mind, with a short cuff design, there is less coverage beyond the wrist, towards the arm, than with a gauntlet-style glove. Nonetheless, their robust cowhide construction offers excellent abrasion resistance.

In the four years, I wore my first pair of Predators, there weren’t any shinny side down moments. So, I didn’t get an opportunity to test the gloves’ full proficiency at protecting my hands. I recently received a new pair and I’m hoping for the same!

Regardless, the choice of materials and construction inspires confidence. For impact absorption, the gloves boast Knox Microlock armour in the knuckle panel and palms. Additionally, palms feature double-reinforced sections. Furthermore, you’ll find five-strand cotton thread stitching throughout the design. That’s impressive for a short-cuff style.

Value for Money

The Predator gloves are priced at £74.99 for the standard version or £79.99 for the ROTCR version. It makes them accessible within the premium segment of the market. In that segment, there’s stiff competition from brands like Fuel, Pando Moto, Revit, Age Of Glory, RSD et al. Nevertheless, the gloves hold their own. You’ll be hard-pressed to find materials and craftsmanship that rivals Goldtop at that price point.

Goldtop Predator, Return of The Cafe Racer gloves resting on a Triumph Thruxton seat

Goldtop Predator Gloves: Verdict

Goldtop Predator, Return of The Cafe Racer gloves resting on a Triumph Thruxton seat seen from the rear

The Goldtop Predator gloves are hard to knock. When you write moto gear reviews, you’re supposed to find one or two things about the product to criticise — for credibility. I genuinely couldn’t find any fault with the gloves.

I could say silly things like they don’t hold up well in a thunderstorm. Nor do they keep out single-digit cold weather. But then again, perforated summer gloves are NOT meant to keep the cold out.

Reaching for another tenuous negative, I could add the lack of touchscreen functionality. However, I don’t use my phone on the bike and don’t need touchscreen functionality when I’m off the bike. So, this isn’t anywhere close to a deal-breaker for me. Besides, you can easily solve this with discreet touchscreen fingertip stickers (from eBay)

In short, after 16,000 miles, these motorcycle gloves still get my vote. They balance style and functionality incredibly well. And from what I’ve seen, most riders that own a pair tend to agree. You might find yourself recommending them too, if you had a pair.

Goldtop Predator Gloves Review Return of The Cafe Racers - brown Triumph Seat
Goldtop Predator Gloves
The Goldtop Predator gloves offer an irresistible blend of vintage aesthetics, modern protective features and excellent functionality. Comfortable, stylish, and built to last, they manage to strike a good balance between form and function, providing an all-round excellent user experience. The lack of touchscreen functionality might be a drawback for some - but it's a minor issue that doesn't take away from the gloves' overall performance. Whether you're a rider who prefers classic, retro, or custom style, these gloves are a worthy investment for any season except winter. They're a testament to Goldtop's commitment to merging its rich heritage with modern design and safety standards, providing riders with top-notch gear that doesn't compromise on style or safety.
Comfortable fit providing excellent tactile feedback
Specifications beyond its Level 1 CE-certification
High-quality craftsmanship with premium materials
Versatile, stylish design with wide appeal
Great value for money
Lack of touchscreen functionality
Overall Score