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Belstaff Trialmaster 75 – Limited Edition Collection

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The British brand launches Belstaff Trialmaster 75 collection — three limited edition takes on its Trialmaster jacket to mark 75 years of this motorcycle jacket.

Together the Trialmaster 75 Tribute, Trialmaster 75 Edition and Trialmaster Concept are said to represent the brand’s past, present and future. They do so while retaining the essential features that made the waxed cotton Trialmaster a true outerwear icon.

While strictly off-the-bike-wear, these designs should appeal to riders who value a vintage-inspired aesthetic, as well as advocates of contemporary and progressive styles.

75 Years of the Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket

Belstaff Trialmaster - Motorcycle Hill Climb Racing

First produced by Belstaff in 1948, the Trialmaster was engineered to endure the harsh weather conditions and physical demands of the Scottish Six Days Trial. Its continual appearance on the podiums of many motorcycle races and trials won it a legion of admirers the world over, with the jacket famously being worn by the likes of Steve McQueen and Ewan McGregor over the years.

Crafted from waxed cotton, it offered a water-repellent, breathable, weatherproof layer and superior rider comfort.

The iconic four-pocket design included an adjustable waist belt, pre-curved sleeves for outstanding wearability and fit, a high buckled mandarin collar and a titled map pocket.

Those features are still found in the Trialmaster today, in both the brand’s mainline and motorcycle collections.

Three Limited-Edition Trialmaster Jackets: Past, Present & Future

Rider wearing Belstaff Tribute and MX helmet on a trials bike
Trialmaster 75 Concept Limited Edition Jacket

The three jackets pay homage to the brand’s timeless principles. As such, they retain the core features of the original design while incorporating modern elements for a fresh take on this functional outerwear staple.

All three designs are found in Belstaff’s mainline collection, meaning they’re off-the-bike-wear.

Belstaff Trialmaster 75 Tribute

First up is the Trialmaster 75 Tribute. Taking inspiration from a 1950s Belstaff Archive design, the Tribute is a shorter and boxier cut than the present-day construction. It features pivot armholes for ease of movement and a resin-coated black outer that mimics the patina of a well-worn vintage waxed cotton jacket.

It features the vintage-dyed traditional checked lining, snap-in melton wool liner with herringbone binding and an archive label. Belstaff’s Phoenix emblem and button snaps are reassuringly finished in the traditional Belstaff gold.

With its vintage-inspired design and classic features the Trialmaster 75 Tribute is sure to appeal to retronauts and riders of classic or retro motorcycles who appreciate a timeless and enduring aesthetic.

Belstaff Trialmaster 75 Edition

Belstaff Trialmaster 75 Edition - Present

The 75 Edition takes cues from the past but adds a contemporary slant. It’s cut from Belstaff’s signature 6oz black waxed cotton and features a limited edition detachable blue quilted liner, Belstaff’s signature blue check lining and a blue Phoenix patch to the sleeve. 

The 75 Edition’s blend of classic and modern elements, along with its bold yet minimalist style, make it an attractive choice for fashion-forward motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors looking for a contemporary take on the iconic Trialmaster jacket.

Belstaff Trialmaster 75 Edition Blue Pheonix- Present

Belstaff Trialmaster Concept

Belstaff TRIALMASTER 75 Concept Jacket FUTURE

The Trialmaster Concept is the mould breaker and most progressive of the limited edition designs. It’s said to look to Belstaff’s future. Its outer shell is made from a semi-transparent waterproof material, through which the signature Belstaff check and inner mesh lining are visible.

There’s still space for classic Trialmaster features including a large angled map pocket and its blue hue is a callback to early Trialmaster designs. 

Unlike any other Trialmaster jacket, you’re likely to have seen the Trialmaster Concept is for rulebreakers, those who eschew the status quo and want to stand out from the crowd.


A series of events and initiatives will take place throughout 2023 to mark the anniversary of the Trialmaster, with Belstaff being at events including this weekend’s Scottish Six Days Trial and Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, where you can see the limited edition Trialmaster 75 collection in person.

Trialmaster 75: Pricing & Availablity (Ultra-Limited Editions)

All three designs are strictly limited to 100 pieces and each will be accompanied by a limited-edition anniversary pin badge.

Belstaff Trialmaster 75 Limited Edition anniversary pin badge

For those seeking a dedicated off-the-bike jacket that emulates the on-the-bike look, the Trialmaster 75 collection might just be for you.

The Trialmaster 75 collection is available on the Belstaff website now.

Here’s to the next 75 years of the Trialmaster.