Scott Toepfer - It's Better In The Wind
Scott G. Toepfer

It’s Better In The Wind – Short Film By Scott Toepfer

Released over eight years ago – It’s Better in The Wind by Scott Toepfer is possibly one of the finest short films about motorcycle road trips and moto-culture.

Motorcycle Road-trip Film

It's Better In The Wind - Scott Toepfer

It’s Better In The Wind

Following a group of friends on a road trip, riding across the southwest USA, the film is a collection of moving snap-shots. Snatched moments from the trip. It captures the spontaneity and carefree nature of such a trip.

Languid commentary, paired with a rich soulful acoustic soundtrack by Chuck Regan.

Though, it’s not an exploration of biking culture, it’s merely an observation.

Toepfer deliberately steers clear of overt and general statements about motorcycling customs. Instead, he gently seeks to bond with the viewer through a shared love of two wheels – rather than espouse the virtues of this sub-culture.

And while the riders may appear to belong to a particular subset of the moto community (namely new wave custom). This film is simply about hitting the open road with friends. It’s about moving from one destination to the next, sleeping in the dirt under the stars, freedom and discovery.

At the time of its release, Toepfer said of the film; “…just a collection of imagery that will hopefully inspire more people to take to the road and discover what there is outside of our respective communities.”

Film: It’s Better In The Wind – Short Film by Scott Toepfer on Vimeo.

This short film is the antithesis of a promo video for a new bike – it’s a celebration of motorcycles, delivered as a lullaby — an ode to motorcycle road trips with mates.

The film ultimately evokes deep feelings of affection for motorcycles. Yet more so, it delivers on inspiring the viewer – leaving an overwhelming yearning to ride bikes.

If you’re a book fan then you’ll appreciate Toepfer’s It’s Better in the Wind too.