UMC-54 TRIUMPH LINE Drawing for colouring
Downshift Studio [Colouring by RENCHLIST]

Untitled Motorcycles Creates Mini, Custom Bike Colouring Book

Adam Kay, founder and owner of Untitled Motorcycles has made illustrations of past, UMC custom builds available for download and colouring. A mini colouring book of sorts, that should help to while away time during the lockdown period.

Mini, Custom Bike Colouring Book

Originally, nine high-resolution works by artist Ian Galvin were made available for download, as colouring projects. Adam hopes this activity will help alleviate some of the boredom that most riders are probably currently feeling.

“It is a very surreal world at the moment and anything to help.”

Adam Kay, Untitled Motorcycles

All images are actual custom builds that UMC has produced over the years. The collection of nine includes Untitled’s more recent Thruxton 1200 R, ‘UMC-054 Golden Touch’, BMW RnineT Urban G/S, ‘UMC-055 INFINITE’, along with the GQ & Barbour International, Thruxton 1200 R collaboration UMC-O54 ROGUE.

Additional images found in the collection are some of UMC’s earlier builds – a BMW R80/7 airhead, Moto Guzzi 850 T3 and a KTM 990 SuperDuke.

Jeremy Lacy of Downshift Studio added to the collection with his illustration of the UMC-002 Scrambler. A 1978 BMW R80/7 airhead. That particular bike is owned by Ludovic Robert, a London-based film stills photographer.

Renchlist ‘C’ minus for effort

In the words of Blue Peter, here’s one we made earlier. It’s highly likely that others will be able to improve on this effort. However, remember it’s just for fun – Adam will not be marking your homework.

UMC-002 BMW Sketch - Original Sketch by Jeremy Lacy [Edits by RENCHLIST]
1978 BMW R80/7, ‘UMC-002’ Sketch – Image: [Original Drawing] Jeremy Lacy, [Colouring by @nateldn]

High-resolution versions of the original images can be accessed via a Google Drive link in Adam’s Instagram bio. So head over there, download and start colouring.