The Ducati Scrambler DesertX concept is a Paris-Dakar Rally inspired future, from the Borgo-Panigale marque. Taking its design cues from rally bikes of the 1990s, the DesertX presents a progressive view of what future Ducati Scramblers could look like.

The design lines of the DesertX are more ‘neo’ than ‘retro‘. Nevertheless, with dual-LED headlights, large angular tank and striped decals, it’s clear to see where the Scrambler DesertX concept takes its inspiration.


Ducati Scrambler DesertX Concept Sketch
Render by Jérémy Faraud – one of the lead designers of the Scrambler 1100

As yet, there is no indication of whether this concept will be put into production by Ducati. However, as is the case with most concepts, it’ll surely be trotted out at various shows over the coming year.


Naturally, the showcasing of the DesertX will take place to test the viability of sales. Let’s hope that the adoring Ducatista and other riders will express more than a desire to see the DesertX on the streets or on the sand, as the case may be.

Disappointingly, the Scrambler DesertX did not make an appearance at Motorcycle Live in Birmingham, UK. But, if you do happen to see this bike in the metal, make sure you sit on it and smile broadly in the direction of any passing Ducati designers and engineers.

Update: 23rd September 2021

Ducati has teased that the DesertX will go into production, with a slot booked into the last of the Borgo-Panigale marque’s World Première, web series on 9th December 2021. To great delight, the manufacturer has also released these images of a test machine sliding around the desert.

Ducati Scrambler Motard Concept & Scrambler 800 Icon Dark

Two more bikes were also showcased at the EICMA 2019 show – one a concept and the other very much a production model.

New Ducati Scrambler 800 – Icon Dark

Scrambler Icon Dark DUCATI WORLD PREMIERE 2020

The first was a new Scrambler 800, monikered as Icon Dark. It’s likely you’ve already seen this latest addition to the Scrambler range.

The Icon Dark was unveiled during ‘The Ducati World Premiere’, in the run-up to the EICMA 2019 show. Apart from the darkened look, it features a host of safety upgrades including concerning traction control.

Ducati Scrambler Motard

Ducati Scrambler Motard Concept

Additionally, the wraps also came off the Scrambler Motard which is a derivative concept based on the Desert Sled. This bike will likely be described as a vanity project, albeit a highly attractive vanity project. Ducati bill the Motard concept as a “race-style offshoot of the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled that takes its style prompts from the supermotards of the 1980s”. A bit of a hooligan then.

The Motard is kitted out with slicks which in a sense makes it a road-race version of the Scrambler Desert Sled. That’s a fairly audacious proposition, given the tall stance of the Desert Sled. However, if this bike makes it to production don’t rule out seeing it race in one of the more off-beat divisions of The Bike Shed Festival races.