Sendra Red Series Krass Boot Black RENCHLIST
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Sendra Red Series Krass Boot: Retro Motorcycle Boots

For more than a century Sendra has been handmaking leather boots. And now with one hundred years of fine craftsmanship and experience, Sendra has channelled its expertise into creating the Red Series collection – boots specifically developed for motorcycle riders.

Sendra Krass Boots: Rockers and Café Racer/Retro Riders

Founded by Andrés Sendra, ‘Sendra’ is steeped in an unbroken tradition of fashioning exemplary leather footwear. Javier Sendra the great-grandson of the former now helms the company, which is still producing its fine leather goods out of the family’s Almansa factory, in the historic Castilla-La Mancha region.

Sendra Red Series Krass - Red Suede Line

Sendra Red Series: Backstory

Enrique Hernandez, a good friend of the Sendra family and avid two-wheel enthusiast, convinced the brand to commission a boot specifically for the motorcycle market and for a particular type of rider. You know who you are.
In stepped Urban Rider, as co-designers and exclusive retailer for the new Red Series collection. Sendra, with its team of one hundred and seventy bootmaking artisans, equipped with generation’s old crafting knowledge and techniques, has created an exquisite boot that offers classic, vintage and neo-retro motorcycle riders style, both on and off the bike.

Sendra Red Series Krass Boots


Krass Boots: Rocker Inspiration

From a glance at the boot, it’s evident to see that its design is inspired by 1950s and ‘60s café racer culture. ‘Rockers’ ruled the streets or at the very least they ruled Hanger Lane. A counter-culture movement, railing against the establishment, decked out in intimidating black leather and boots.

Sendra Red Series Krass Boot Black

The lines of the Krass echo boots from this era, the halcyon days of the café racer and look absolutely at home on the footpegs of any vintage or custom motorcycle. Diamond stitched detail and buckled straps, evoke a timeless, classic aesthetic. And yet, the boot combines these classic style cues with modern functional options.

Style & Substance

Gear shifter overlays are found near the toe — a testament to the boots’ specific purpose. Protection and function. That theme continues;  the interior of the ‘Krass’ is lined with ‘TexAlive’, which serves as a waterproof layer and moonlights as a breathable, moisture-wicking sweat management layer.

You’ll find solid reinforcement in all the right places; toes, ankles and heels — straps that allow fit exceptional fit adjustment, for optimal security.  Once the boots are tightened to your satisfaction, you can simply leave them be. Why? A zip concealed beneath the velcro flap allows you get in and out of the boots with ease.

Additionally, another weatherproofed gusset protects the zip closure against outside moisture. A sturdy, rugged sole secures grip on a myriad of surfaces thanks to a Goodyear welt. With rider’s comfort firmly in mind, soft leather padding at the top of the boot prevents chaffing of shins.

Sendra Red Series Krass Boot Black RENCHLIST

Sendra’s Red Series, Krass Waterproof Boots come in three colourways; Black which as you can imagine is exactly that; all black. The slightly glitzier ‘Red/Black Krass’, features a rich pop of red suede at the top of the predominantly black boot. Last, but no means least is the Tobacco Tan & Brown which boasts striking antique staining.

Whichever colourway is opted for, the Red Series Krass will make a welcome addition, to the boot cupboard of any avid café rider or revivalist Rocker.