Henry Crews' Ducati Scrambler | Stories of Bike
Erik Jutras

Stories of Bike ‘Riders’: Henry Crew

It’s been a few weeks since Henry Crew returned from his solo motorcycle cycle trip around the world. Some fifty-five thousand miles later, Henry has become the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe by motorcycle.

You’ll most likely be familiar with Henry’s well-documented adventures. His motivation for the trip beyond breaking the world record raising awareness of mental health issues (particularly amongst men).

Henry Crews' Ducati Scrambler | Stories of Bike

On his way to breaking the record. It seems Crew, even had time abundant enough to team up with MR PIXELHEAD (a.k.a Erik Jutras), in California, to create an episode of the ever-popular photo series ‘Stories of Bike, Riders’ by Cam and Jack Elkins

This episode features audio of Henry discussing his reasons for riding while images of him and his now world-famous white Ducati Desert Sled are displayed.

Stories of Bike | Riders: Henry | YouTube

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