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Brat 125 Herald Motor Co.

Brat 125 marks a new direction for Herald Motor Co.

Launched at Motorcycle Live last year, Herald's Brat 125 declares a new direction for the British motorcycle manufacturer/importer. The Brat 125 is the latest addition to the Cambridgeshire (UK) company's retro-inspired, small-displacement motorcycles which now boasts eight motorbikes in the line-up....
2018 Mutt Motorcycles RS 13 250cc

Mutt Motorcycles Launches Three New Motorbikes For 2018

Mutt Motorcycles has launched three new, aggressively-styled bikes: the RS-13 250, Hilts Green 125 and Sabbath 250. The Birmingham based outfit has been producing a steady stream of supreme, vintage custom inspired bikes. ...
Brat 125 Herald Motor Co.

Best-Looking Retro 125cc Motorcycles

Retro 125cc Motorcycles 2020: Renchlist list of some of the best looking retro 125cc motorbikes - all learner legal 125 and retro, beginner motorcycles....