Bell Bullitt Limited Edition Helmets – Urban Rider

Limited edition Bell Bullitt helmets, exclusively available through Urban Rider. At this time of year, there’s plenty to celebrate if you’re inclined.

Urban Rider, the London store and online purveyor of fine motorcycle and scooter gear is celebrating one more thing than most of us – it’s been the top UK retailer of Bell helmets for a number of years.

Bell Bullitt – Newly Commissioned Custom Helmet


As such the store has commissioned the highly-talented custom paint shop Image Design Custom to produce a limited run of custom hand-painted helmets, using the ever-popular Bell Bullitt.

There are two separate designs – ‘Vertigo’, a diagonal striped design and ‘Horizon’ which as the name suggests, is a horizontal design. Both lids come in two separate colourways which use a gloss paint scheme; combining either a rich, deep petrol blue with gloss white or a rich copper with a deep gloss black.

Bell Bullitt Vertigo & Horizon by Urban Rider

At the time of writing the helmets are available for pre-order, though you’ll have to be quick as there are only 36.

BULLITT Vertigo Copper

BULLITT Vertigo Petrol

Bullitt Horizon Copper

BULLITT Horizon Petrol