Bell Bullitt Helmet Transcend Gloss Carbon Candy Red Gold
Bell Powersports

Bell Bullitt Carbon Helmet: Transcend Gloss, Candy Red

The Bell Bullitt has become the default helmet of choice for custom, classic and retro riders seeking full-face protection.

Offering modern safety features and vintage-inspired looks, it ticks two of the most important boxes for riders of retro machines.

Bell Bullitt Carbon Gloss Candy Red

Inspired by the original seventies-era ‘Bell ‘Star’ racing helmet, the instantly recognisably retro silhouette of Chad Hodges’ design has made the Bullitt a best-seller.

So successful has the Bullitt been that each year Bell Motorsports rolls out, new colourways and limited editions. Bell’s latest edition is the ‘Bell Bullitt Carbon – Transcend Gloss Candy Red‘.

The helmet features a 6k carbon composite shell, finished in a rich, glossy ox-blood red, with gold piping and brushed metal components.

The use of leather for the trim and interior hints gently at luxury. A magnetic shield close system that makes a satisfying clunk, further suggests the high-quality nature of the Bullitt’s materials.

Bell Bullitt Carbon Culture Helmet Transcend Gloss Candy Red Gold

Ultra-low Retro Profile

With a low distinctive chin-guard and broad visor surface area, the Bullitt offers unparalleled periphery vision through the viewport. Of all the retro motorcycle helmets released in recent years, the ultra-low profile Bullitt stands out in its full embrace of retro styling.

Bell Bullitt Features

The Bullitt comes in three shell sizes and EPS configurations which means it’s a versatile fit that works for many riders. Five mesh intake vents and a rear exhaust vent offer ventilation. A removable, washable and anti-bacterial interior ensures hygienic summer riding.

A clear, flat visor comes fitted along with a darker-tinted variant in the box. Riders striving to achieve the retronaut aesthetic may wish to augment this helmet with a bubble visor, which is available to purchase separately.

Bullitt Carbon Helmet Transcend Gloss Candy Red Gold [clear-shield-left]

Bullitt Carbon Candy Red: Pricing

Priced in the sweet spot, the standard Bell Bullitt [£389.99] is expensive enough to make it an aspirational item. Yet, affordable enough to be within the reach of most riders.

Saying that however, these limited-edition carbon versions of the Bullitt are considerably pricer than their non-carbon counterparts.

In real terms, that means you’ll have to proffer one hundred and sixty more of the Queen’s money to own this helmet. The Carbon Candy Red is priced at £549.99 (UK), / $496 (US) / €665,96 (EU) at trusted retro moto gear retailers.

Edition Availability

In terms of availability, there aren’t any details on the quantity available. Nonetheless, you may remember the Carbon Candy Blue that was originally released for a limited run back in 2016 and then again in 2018. On both occasions, that particular colourway sold out quicker, than you could unclick a fast-release helmet strap.

To that extent, be swift if the ‘Transcend Gloss Carbon Candy Red‘, tickles your fancy and you’d rather it tickled your head.

Bell Bullitt Carbon Candy Red Features:

  • 3-Shell
  • 3 EPS System
  • 3D-Formed Quick Snap Cheekpads
  • 5 Metal Mesh Intake Vents
  • Accessory Shields Available
  • Five-year warranty
  • Leather Trim
  • Magnefusion Shield Closure System
  • Multi-Density EPS Liner
  • Removable and washable comfort liner
  • Ultra-Low Profile