Hedon Heroine Racer & Classic: Vintage-Inspired Full-Face

Following the success of the (open-face) Hedonist, Hedon has released its new and eagerly awaited, retro full-face helmet. The Heroine is now available to pre-order in two variants, the Classic and Racer.

The Heroine was officially launched at the Bike Shed and comes in a variety of colourways and four shell sizes.

Hedon HEROINE Racer

Hedon Heroine Racer

Hedon describes the Heroine Racer as the ultimate lid and has designed it not only to be stylish but functional. It’s certainly got the looks, with its low-profile and lines it evokes the nostalgia of 70s moto racing era.

Function is built into its form with a flat racing visor that allows for a wider field of view. It has Anti-Fog double lens and a three-channel ventilation system, which will prevent fogging of the visor, particularly during these winter months.  The visor (sold separately) comes in three colours: Deep Smoke, Coffee Haze or Amber.

Hedon Heroine Visor

Hedon Heroine Classic

While continuing to offer protection for your chin, the Heroine Classic is a semi-open-face helmet. It’s designed to comfortably accommodate sun cheaters or goggles and is additionally compatible with Hedon’s sun peaks.


  • Composite fibre shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre
  • Black painted shell, glossy finish
  • Hed Armor lining with 360″ cushion padding
  • Merlin anti-bacterial fabric
  • Natural calf leather trim and lining
  • Brass HEDON plate
  • Brass hardware
  • Brass DD buckle
  • 3 channels ventilation system
  • Clear Anti-Fog double lens
  • Ultra-light and low-profile shell
  • The ‘Racer’ is visor compatible (visor is bought separately)
  • ECE 2205 & DOT certified (Road legal for Europe, the UK and the USA)

Falling into the full-face retro helmet category, the Heroine is priced at £500 to £649 is likely to be pitted against the Bell Bullit (£369.99 to £499.99). And maybe the Biltwell Gringo (£139 to £159) despite the vast difference in price. Those comparisons would be misjudged.  

It’s like comparing a stock Ducati to one that Walt Siegl‘s tinkered with.

A more accurate comparison should be between the Heroine and Ruby Castel. And the basis for that comparison should be craftsmanship and materials.  

That’s not to say that the Bullit and Gringo aren’t high-quality, well-designed helmets. They are. I wear the Bell Bullitt, Carbon RSD Bagger. It’s as gorgeous to look at and touch, as it is comfortable to wear.

You need only to roll up to the Bike Shed to see further affirmations of this. That being said, if you have the pleasure of owning a Hedon helmet (as I do) or have ever tried on any of Hedon’s sublime designs, then you’ll know the brand’s helmets feel far superior to the touch… dare I say luxurious.

In any case, price is mainly ancillary to helmet choice. The decision is almost certainly made by your head… the shape of it.