Vitpilen 701

Vitpilen 701:  Husqvarna’s return to the street bike sector was greeted with considerable enthusiasm. After all, it’d been a good four years since the much loved Nuda 901 ceased production. The Vitpilen was originally unveiled as a concept at EICMA in 2017. Following, a few tweaks to make it road-legal, the bike was launched in 2018. Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 For Husky’s designers and engineers, the brief was simple. “Re-imagine the street bike”. Well, certainly simple in words, if not in objective.  And yet, Husqvarna seems to have achieved just that. The Vitplen is unlike any other motorcycle on the streets currently. 

Quite clearly, it’s a naked roadster that seems to borrow design cues from the past. However, those design cues are wrapped in a thoroughly modern package.  In essence, the 701 is a neo-retro roadster. Here, we’ve listed a collection of stories featuring the Vitpilen 701. Enjoy!