Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 taking a bend

Vitpilen 701 Production Model Revealed By Husqvarna Motorcycles

Vitpilen 701 Production Model Launched At EICMA – So here it is. Finally; the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701! No longer just concept or a long-drooled over Pinterest or Instagram photo but an actual real-life motorcycle which you’ll be able to actually buy with money.

Husqvarna 701 Production – When?

2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

We should see this bike on the streets at the end of March 2018, if not before. By this time too, its smaller capacity brother, the Vitpilen 401 will be available – in addition to its street scrambler cousin; the Svartpilen 401. All this makes Husqvarna a bit like London buses – you wait a long time for one and then three come at once. Also… a surprise concept is unveiled!

Bringing about a new era of motorcycling for the sophisticated urban traveller, the VITPILEN 701 perfectly mixes enjoyable performance for novice and expert riders with a simple yet progressive design and a unique style.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Studio Shots

Husqvarna Street Bikes Re-imagined

Husqvarna has always maintained that its designs goals for the Vitpilen 701 and Svartpilen, was to reimagine the street bike. The ultimate goal is to make motorcycling more widely appealing to people from all walks of life; a noble cause.

So with the Vitpilen 701, it’s not just targeting the various tribes of bikers, found in the motorcycling community but people that may never have considered riding before. And that’s cool. If any bike can achieve that, the aesthetics of this bike certainly give it a formidable advantage in those stakes. Anyone, motorcyclist or not can appreciate bold yet simple design lines of this motorbike.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Action Shots


As you can see from the press images, the production bike has barely strayed from the original Vitpilen 701 concept that was showcased at EICMA nearly two long years ago. Husqvarna has taken somewhat of a ribbing on the forums, provided by a slew of armchair riders for the delay. However, the pay-off, [aesthetically in any case], has been well worth the wait. As ‘they‘ say all good things take time. And this is good, very good!

Vitpilen 701 Specs:

Of course, it’s not just about looks, so here are some of the stated specifications for the new Vitpilen:

  • Chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame
  • 75 hp engine – the most advanced single-cylinder available on the market
  • High-quality components and technology as standard
  • Ride-by-wire throttle and traction control
  • Cutting-edge switchable ABS
  • Slipper clutch
  • Extensive range of Husqvarna accessories

Husqvarna Svartpilen 701, Street Bike Concept – Surprise Reveal

Husqvarna also took the wraps off a Svartpilen 701 concept; a street tracker (stroke) scrambler-esque, type bike. A betting person may well put their money, on seeing the production version of the Svartpilen 701, unveiled at EICMA 2019. [That’s not a tip by-the-way].

The SVARTPILEN 701 concept machine is a dark street explorer that is free of excess and reduced to its simplest form.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 701 Concept

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