Spotlight shining on rider wearing Veldt Motorcycle Helmet
Antoine Hotermans

Veldt x Workhorse Speed Shop: Racing Influenced Collaboration

Brand collaborations are a staple of most niche market segments. Some make absolute sense but others less sense. This latest partnership between Workhorse Speed Shop and motorcycle helmet maker, Veldt, is definitely in the former category.

This is the fifth release in Veldt’s Bike Builder series of limited edition helmets which sees the brand teaming up with prominent custom bike builders.

Veldt Helmet Workhorse Speed Shop Builder Series Limited Edition
Limited edition Veldt helmet by Workhorse Speed Shop – Image: Antoine Hotermans

Veldt Motorcycle Helmets

Veldt is well known for its low-profile retro-inspired helmet. Crafted by hand from the choicest materials, it’s a uniquely modular (ECE and DOT approved), carbon fibre helmet. Meaning, it can easily be configured as an open face, jet, enduro-style or full-face helmet – depending on the inclination of the rider.

Gif showing the modular nature of Veldt helmet
Veldt’s modular vintage-inspired low profile helmet – Image: Veldt SAS

In any configuration, it’s a stylish lid with a minimal silhouette that flatters the wearer. Naturally, it’s this item that’s the focus of the collaboration between Veldt and Workhorse Speed Shop.

Workhorse Speed Shop

Interior of Workhorse Speed Shop's premises.
Inside Workhorse Speed Shop’s premises – Image: Antoine Hotermans

Most aficionados of custom motorcycles will be familiar with the Belgian workshop owned and run by Brice Hennbert.

Heavily influenced by racing, Workhorse Speed Shop fashions extreme custom machines built for speed and performance. Its mantra is “aesthetic by performance” which loosely translates to ‘function dictates style’.

And while that may be the case, the machines built by this ‘shop are still an aesthetic marvel.

Rider siting on Yamaha XSR 700 Appaloosa with Veldt helmet
Rider wearing limited edition Workhorse Speed Shop Veldt helmet, on one of the workshop’s custom machines – Image: Antoine Hotermans

Therefore it’s hardly surprising, that the joining of these two brands has yielded an impeccably designed piece that celebrates moto racing.

Racing inspiration

Workhorse Veldt Helmet
Evident racing influence in the design of the Workhorse Veldt Helmet – Image: Antoine Hotermans

Workhorse Speed Shop’s modus operandi was bound to have an influence on the design. As such a motosports motif was likely if not inevitable.

It’s a theme manifested through a distinctive, complementary multi-stripe design, executed in pastel colours on the lower third of this full-face helmet.

A white band emblazoned with the slogan “Raceshit or Die” in a bold contrast font occupies the central third. And while the carbon fibre weave is visible on the top third of the helmet, it’s finished in a deep, rich gloss.

For this limited edition, Workhorse settled on black velvet and a zebra print, paired with titanium components. The piece has been additionally finessed with a rubber trim and leather tab. Aeration grooves (that are usually standard with Veldt helmets) however have been omitted.

Workhorse insignia on the mid to frontal region of the helmet and a dark visor featuring Workhorse’s logo and a Pinlock 120 screen are the final embellishments that mark this collaboration. Both further accentuate the racing theme.

This design is reminiscent of the bold schemes often sported by racers, with a subtle eighties feel. Consequently, it’s easy to picture this lid on the starting line at Glemseck or Punk’s Peak. Something suggests that may be a reality soon.

An exclusive production run of just 100 units makes this edition collectable.

The Veldt Workhorse helmet is available now in the three shell sizes.