AGV LEGENDS AGV X3000-AGO left side


AGV’s new Legends Helmets’ collection pays tribute to racers from Italy’s illustrious motorsport history. Introducing the new X3000 full face and X70 open face road-legal replica helmets.

Low Profile, Vintage Italian Style

AGV X3000 and X70 Legends Motorcycle Helmets

First unveiled in Milan at EICMA 2017, the ‘Legends’ collection by AGV captures the spirit of historic Italian racers, with these new entries onto the retro-lid grid. AGV has evidently funnelled its renowned expertise in high-tech protection into these handsome heritage designs. The result is, the X3000 full-face helmet and X70 open face – two impressively low-profile, highly functional helmets, which are available in a multitude of colourways.


AGV LEGENDS AGV X3000-AGO left side

The X3000 full-face helmet is a reproduction of the piece that Italian racer Giacomo Agostini wore in the ‘60s. During a career spanning 17 years, Ago earned 122 GP wins, 15 world titles, and 10 TT victories.
The X3000 offers modern protection in the original AGV design, which includes the contoured chin piece requested specifically by Agostini back in the day so he could press down against the tank.

Ventilation is cleverly achieved through the visor, for an uncompromising classic aesthetic. This retro full-face helmet boasts a compact, low profile construction with a lightweight, carbon fibre composite. Reviews have praised the lid for its ergonomics, breathability, and proportionate style.


AGV is launching the X3000 with two design schemes inspired by Ago. ‘Gloria’ pays homage to Ago’s racing suit, by separating white from red with the five colours of the Olympic rings, while the ‘Ago 1’ displays the iconic Tricolore that gave birth to the AGV logo.

The latter is limited to 3,000 pieces. Four solid colours are also available in the form of the AGV X70 Mono, consisting of; White, Matt Light Grey, Black, and Matt Black.

AGV X3000 Specifications:

  • Composite shell, of fibreglass and carbon fibre
  • Contoured chin piece
  • Anti-scratch visor with on-off air vent and micro-opening system
  • Double-D retention system
  • Three shell sizes, 3 EPS liner sizes
  • The smallest size weighs 1.29 kg
  • Molded, airtight visor with a metal opening mechanism
  • Dual-button fasteners can be opened with one hand
  • High-end leather and suede fabric interior
  • Removable, breathable, and washable padding
  • ECE 22.05 certified


AGV X70 Pasolini Helmet

The X70 open face helmet is AGV’s tribute to racer Renzo Pasolini, whose rivalry with the Hailwood and Agostini is well documented and the stuff of much commentary. While Ago was considered a circuit king, Paso prevailed as the better road racer.

AGV Legends AGV X70 Pasolini  Helmet

The X70’s design was inspired by Paso, who famously refused to make the transition from fibreglass jet lids to full-face helmets. Just like the X3000, the new X70 was designed to frame the face nicely with a compact, low-profile and lightweight shell.

The X70 comes in three sizes, features a removable interior and utilises a double D-ring fastener. RRP ranges from £150 to £290.

AGV X70 Pasolini & Trofeo Helmets

AGV offers the X70 as a ‘Pasolini’ replica in green, with red and white trim. The helmet is also available in special Trofeo schemes with subtle stripes: Blue, Green, Purple Red, and Chocolate. Solid colours include; Matt Black/Gold, White, Matt Light Grey, and Matt Black, and Black.

AGV Legends X70 Specifications:

  • Advanced Composite Fiber (ACF) fibreglass construction
  • Double-D retention system
  • Three shell sizes, 3 EPS liner sizes
  • The smallest size weighs 870 g
  • High-end eco-leather and fabric interior
  • Removable, breathable, and washable padding
  • ECE 22.05 certified

Designers behind AGV ‘Legends’ collection, insist that they’re not into just making retro stuff, however, purposely set out on a mission to create thoroughly modern helmets in the guise of the originals. It seems they’ve achieved that; packed with all the modern safety and comfort features that you’d expect, the X3000 and X70 are set to be one of this year’s most sought-after lids, for the style-conscious rider.

Image Credits:

  • Images courtesy of AGV