Yes, you read the title correctly. Rumour has is it, that the much-coveted lid, the Bell Bullitt Carbon Candy Blue, limited edition, is being re-released. When the limited edition Bell Bullitt Carbon Candy Blue was first released, back in 2016 – it flew off the shelves faster than you could say; ‘nice lid‘.


Well, the good news is that the rumours are true. The helmet is indeed back on the shelves – though for how long, is unknown. The likelihood is that; once again it will only be available on a limited basis. So you’ll have to be quick if you missed out the first time around.


The Bell Bullitt, as you’re probably aware is both DOT and ECE approved which means you can wear it on the road in both North America and Europe. It also comes with a clear bubble visor, in addition to a straight dark tint visor, as standard.


Running a quick internet search reveals, that there are a few helmets remaining on Amazon.  If you don’t have any luck with Amazon, then check out The Cafe Racer, Urban Rider and or MotoLegends, all of whom are also stocking this special edition.

Unfortunately, not all of the major players are stocking the lid. The Carbon Candy Blue was ‘out of stock’ on Revzilla at the time of writing – however, the online stores mentioned above ship beyond Europe, to North American and the rest of the world.


The Bell Bullitt Candy Carbon Blue is no longer produced by Bell. However, it has recently released the Bullitt Carbon Transcend Candy Red which of course isn’t blue. Despite that, it’s a gorgeous lid too.