DGR Triumph Thruxton RS 2021
Triumph Motorcycles

Custom Thruxton RS to Celebrate 10-Year DGR Anniversary

Triumph Motorcycles lifted the covers on this custom Thruxton 1200 RS, created to celebrate the tenth Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. And the top fundraisers of DGR 2021 will get a chance to own it.

Custom Thruxton RS

For Triumph, the DGR represents one of its longest-running partnerships of this nature. As such it was fitting that the occasion of the tenth anniversary was commemorated in a special way. Chosen to do just that, this unique Thruxton RS was custom-painted (by hand) at Triumph’s state-of-the-art paint facility in Hinckley, UK. And one lucky and committed DGR fundraiser will get to ride away on this very bike.

DGR 2021 - custom Triumph Thruxton RS
DGR 2021 – Custom Thruxton RS Front-End side on – Image: Triumph Motorcycles
DGR 2021 - Custom Thruxton RS Fuel Tank
DGR 2021 – Custom Thruxton RS Fuel Tank – Image: Triumph Motorcycles
Custom Thruxton RS Front-End With Custom Graphics on the Fuel Tank
DGR 2021 – Custom Thruxton RS Front-End With Custom Graphics on the Fuel Tank- Image: Triumph Motorcycles

It’s a piece of DGR memorabilia that brilliantly represents the committed efforts of our dedicated gentlefolk around the world, and the shared passion of our partners, Triumph Motorcycles.”

Mark Hawwa, Founder & Director of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride
DGR 2021 Triumph Thruxton RS Painted Seat cowl
DGR 2021 Custom Thruxton RS Seat Cowl – Image: Triumph Motorcycles

The one-off motorcycle will feature as the top prize in the annual Gentlefolk Competition which recognises the fundraising efforts of riders worldwide. However, only fundraisers who’ve completed the following four steps (and therefore unlocked all badges) will receive automatic entry into the prize draw – along with a 2021 DGR commemorative prize patch.

  1. Complete your profile
  2. Donate to your own profile
  3. Complete a random donation
  4. Raise a minimum of $250 USD 
DGR Triumph Thruxton RS 2021
DGR 2021 Custom Thruxton RS at Triumph HQ, Hinckley Image: Triumph Motorcycles

The winner will be drawn by the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, when fundraising closes on 6 June 2021.

DGR 2021 Celebrates 10 Years of Riding Dapper

DGR 2021 Ride Poster

However hard it may be to believe, it has indeed been ten years since the inception of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Technically, the anniversary should be celebrated in September this year – but, 2021 sees the event moved to 23 May (after much discussion over the years). It means riders in the northern hemisphere should now benefit from better weather, with a smaller likelihood of rain (but don’t count on it if you’re in the UK).

DGR21 Style Guide Vintage Classic Retro Custom Motorcycles
DGR21: Style Guide – Image: The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

DGR 2021: Three Types of Ride

Every year thousands of riders across the globe don their finest threads and swing a leg over mostly vintage/classic, neo-retro and new-wave custom machines. Joining hundreds of other dapperly-dressed riders for a local, organised group ride, DGR riders thunder through cities, towns and villages.

All this is to raise awareness of men’s mental wellness and health issues alongside funds. And it seems to be working well. Over $30.49M USD has been raised since 2012.

This year however with a variety of local COVID-19 restrictions in place, each local ride will take one of three forms:

  1. Normal COVID-Safe Ride – Start and endpoint as normal but with COVID-19 safety measures in place at meeting points
  2. Route-Only Ride –  A defined route (city loop) that riders can join at any time (but no meeting points)
  3. Solo Ride – Riders are encouraged to ride a route of their own making, at a time convenient to the rider

Despite the change in format and date, enthusiasm remains strong for the event, with donations coming in thick and fast, driven by social media buzz.

DGR Motorcycle Riders Brescia Italy | Cesare Sasso
DGR Motorcycle Riders, Brescia Italy, 2019 – Image: Cesare Sasso

In collaboration with the Movember Foundation, the annual event has arguably shaped the discourse around men’s mental health and shed light on prostate cancer in particular. Barriers and taboos have been replaced with more open conversation, and that’s rarely a bad thing.

So here’s to another 10 years and more of riding dapper with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride!