Fuel Rally Raid Collection Motorcycle Jacket and Jeans
Fuel Motorcycles

Fuel Rally Raid Collection, Puts Vintage Style Into Adventure Gear

Fuel Motorcycles’ recently released Rally Raid collection is inspired by the Paris-Dakar Rally. The collection features 11 nostalgia-inspired pieces, designed with adventure in mind and retro/custom riders at heart.


Rally Raid is Fuel’s most expansive collection to date. This, combined with SCRAM Africa (Fuel’s annual 2,000km desert rally), represents the evolution of the Barcelona brand, from custom motorcycle workshop into a fully-fledged moto-lifestyle brand.

Fuel Rally Raid Jacket & Trousers

Available in two colourways petrol [blue] or white, the principal items in the collection are the CE Certified touring trousers and jacket. Cotton and polyamide form the outer shell of both articles, which are augmented with a waterproof interlayer to protect from precipitation.

Large front pockets with poppers and a rear pouch are sealed to further enhance waterproofing. An inner pocket offers a secure place to store travel documents.


Vintage Style

The design of the collection echos the era and the moto-event which inspired it. 1977, ’78 and the Dakar rally to be precise. The years which saw the conception and inaugural Dakar rally. As such, prominent seventies-style branding, badges and a tricolour theme is observed across the gear.

It’s not just about vintage style however, safety is also a primary consideration. To this extent ‘Smoothways‘ CE level 2 body armour is located in the shoulder, elbow and spine. Additional protection is housed in the lining of the trousers, via a ‘Kevlar’ anti-abrasion layer.

Fuel Rally Raid Accessories

Fuel Rally Raid rider on the trails

Fuel Trucker Caps

Every self-respecting moto lifestyle brand needs caps. The Rally Raid collection offers two cotton/polyester trucker caps with pre-curved brims. Once again the branding is unabashed.

Fuel Gloves

The gloves in the collection are gloriously retro in design but again with protection a central concern. They’re constructed from leather neoprene and nylon forway, fused with PVC knuckle armour to absorb any blows and bear abrasion.

Fuel Moto Jersey

To complement the jacket and trousers is an ‘Enduro’ motorcycle jersey in either the blue or white colourway. The jersey comes in an easy-wash material and uses ‘High IQ® Cool Comfort technology’ which Fuel has tested on its Morrocan rallies.

Fuel Goggles

Crafted to offer optimum breathability, via an advanced ventilation system, the goggles are a cool addition to the collection. More importantly, the goggles have been designed to be “enduro-proof”. Double lenses treated with anti-fog mitigate vision distortion and side vents allow airflow and prevent fogging. These goggles are sure to be fit for operating in harsher environments.

FUEL Hydration Pack

No doubt inspired by Fuel’s recent adventures in the desert, an 18in x 9in x 2in hydration pack finalises the ‘Rally Raid’ gear. Finished in 600D polyester, a lightweight bag with adjustable chest straps allows for a bespoke fit. Concealed within, is a three-litre water bladder which should be enough hydration between rest stops.

All pieces in the collection can be purchased separately or as a set for the full rally look.