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Moto Guzzi EIMCA 2017: What’s Hiding Under the Wraps?

An enticing EICMA invitation from Moto Guzzi – which will get the rumour mill going. Esposizione Internazionale del Ciclo e Motociclo, EICMA to you and me, is just a few days away. Today, Moto Guzzi sent out an invitation to newsletter subscribers, to come and visit them at the event, on the 9th November.

They’ll be on Stand I50 in Pavillon 9 if you’re going and you’re interested. Aside, there was an intriguing string of text in the email, which caught my attention.

“….discover all the Moto Guzzi novelties that we’ve heard so many rumours about … and believe me, this is set to be the year of surprises.”

Moto Guzzi V7 III EICMA 2017 November

I Know Something You Don’t Know

Obvious Italian to English translation aside, the statement screams; “I know something you don’t know” which is, of course, the intention. The words, taken without cynicism, at face-value, with a few dollops of speculation, offer an exciting prospect.


Which rumours, you ask? Most rumours centre around the older, larger capacity engines. Namely, the air-cooled, shaft-driven traverse V-twins; the Griso and Stelvio. Development of both was seemingly halted/abandoned following the inception of EURO4 regulations. Aside from that, one struggles to think of any other Moto Guzzi rumours, with reference to new bikes in 2018.

Regardless, sounds as if we may well see updates of the above models or will we see something entirely new in their stead?

Moto Guzzi Griso Black Dx

Moto Guzzi EICMA 2017 – Something’s Afoot

Moto Guzzi, has built some remarkably beautiful motorcycles, in the last few years, brimming with personality and charisma and that’s without even whispering; V7 III or V9.

The Audace (Cruiser), and MGX-21 (Cruiser/Tourer) are no slouches in the looks department either. These bikes have arguably been under-covered in the motorcycle press over the last year. Come to think of it, Moto Guzzi as a whole has arguably been undercovered in the last year!

Given the indelible link between manufacturers and the motorcycle press, this means one of two things. Either Moto Guzzi hasn’t been working on anything… [unlikely]. Or secondly; the marque’s been working on something top-secret, [likey liquid cooled] which it simply doesn’t want in the public domain yet. Not even the par-for-course spy-shot; at least not just yet. Regional exclusives have no doubt been agreed.

Hope for 2018

I’m hoping it’s the latter of the two.

I’m hoping it means that Moto Guzzi has indeed been busy working on something or some things that are indeed top-secret.

I’m hoping that the marque is about to beef up the range with a quick, large capacity roadster, to be specific. And to be more precise I’m hoping to see Guzzi reveal a motorcycle, that has the capacity of the Griso, and the power to compete with the Thruxton R, CB1100 RS and maybe even the RnineT, in addition to the new Kawasaki Z900RS.

More so, I’m hoping to be completely blindsided by Guzzi. That’s a lot of hope and I hope they deliver beyond that.

Whatever Moto Guzzi reveal in November, it’s probable that it’s going to be as head-turning as ever. However, will it be a cause of consternation for the current top dogs of the neo-retro segment; Triumph, BMW and Kawasaki?

Moto Guzzi V85

This is what Moto Guzzi was working on. The Moto Guzzi V85 enduro adventure concept – hopefully soon-to-be production bike.
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