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Brough Superior x Aston Martin = AMB 001

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The AMB 001 is what happens when two legendary automotive marques combine. One marque focused on two-wheels and the other on four.

AMB 001 is an Aston Martin & Brough Superior Partnership

Aston Martin and Brough Superior individually have an illustrious past – synonymous with remarkable design and engineering. Equally, both produce highly coveted vehicles.

Earlier in the year, the two brands indicated a future partnership. And now at ECIMA 2019 Milan, the product of their collaboration, the AMB 001 motorcycle has been revealed.


It’s known that the AMB 001 will be a lightweight (180 kg) sports bike that will use a turbocharged [180bhp version] of Brough’s 997cc 88° V-twin. That’s an incredible increase of 78 bhp.

Naturally, the AMB 001 version is fitted with an intercooler to handle the increased temperatures created by the turbo output.

Aston Martin and Brough Superior Engine Turbocharged


Believe it or not, this is the first-ever Aston Martin motorcycle.

You’d think that a marque with 106 years of expertise in building cars may have at least once been tempted to veer towards two wheels. However, not once it seems.

Make no mistake, this is a monumental moment in Aston Martin’s history.

Nonetheless, it seems Aston Martin’s foray into two wheels will be a limited exercise.

Only one-hundred units of the AMB 001 sports bike will be built.

Though, the bike’s moniker suggests that this is the first of a series of collaborations between Brough and Aston Martin. A fact which is confirmed by the two brands.

AMB 001 – Track Only

Notably, the AMB 001 is track-only meaning that it lacks many of the constraints that guide road-legal motorcycle engineering. Namely, Euro4 and Euro5. This has allowed Aston Martin’s designers and engineers greater freedom to create the spectacular machine you see before you.

Double-wishbone suspension is found up front and along with winglets – offering stability and downforce on the track, respectively.

Aston Martin Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman believes the final result is what “..cutting-edge motorcycle should be” and doesn’t hide his pride at seeing “…Aston Martin wings on a motorcycle for the first time”.

It seems that many of the skills developed in the building of Aston Martin’s mid-engine cars, such as the Valkyrie have been applied in bringing the AMB 001 motorcycle from concept to production. That, combined with over a century of “..special expertise” in “..traditional craft techniques” says Reichman.


Sculpted from carbon fibre, titanium and billet aluminium, the bike is finished in Aston Martin’s traditional racing colours: ‘Stirling Green’ and ‘Lime Essence’. It’s a finish of artistic beauty.

The ‘xenomorph-like’ body has been shaped with both form and function in mind and accented by a fin running the length of the fuel tank. The fin almost blends into a striking colour TFT screen, which forms the basis of instruments.

Aston Martin and Brough Superior - Body Fin

The top edge of the fin displays what appears to be a debossed engraving of each bike’s production number.

Hand-stitched, Oxford-tan leather is wrapped around the rear of the body to form a saddle that generously accommodates human form.

The AMB 001 will be hand-built at Brough Superior’s manufacturing facility in Toulouse, France and is expected to be 108,000.00 EUR [£93,000 / $120,000].

Now you know what to do with that spare wad of cash that’s been lying around.

You can expect the first deliveries, in the last quarter of 2020.