Motorcyclists/riders by nature of hobby are non-conformists. And yet even within non-confirming circles, humans find a way to conform. In custom and retro circles, it takes form in the prevalence of all black moto gear. From the helmet to the gloves and then down to the boots.


Retro Motorcycle Gloves – Not Just Black

There are probably reasons for that. Seemingly, it could be that all-black moto-gear is safe, sartorially speaking. It looks great and allegedly black is the new black.

If however in 2020 breaking the mould, smashing a few eggs, experiencing a paradigm shift is an objective. Or, simply a new pair of gloves is needed – then here’s a small but bold way to accomplish that.

The motorcycle gloves listed below make a ‘stand out from the crowd‘ statement. Most of the gloves featured on this list happen to be shades of tan and yellow. The tenous reason? Yellow is the colour of spring and you get a tan in summer. Get ready for more riding!

Age of Glory Victory & Rover Gloves

Age of Glory Yellow-Black Gloved Hands on Motorcycle Handlebars

First on the list is Age of Glory; a relatively new brand though rapidly gaining traction. Age of Glory creates moto gear and apparel inspired by seventies’ Californian moto culture and vintage off-road racing.

Founder Sebastian Gerodias’ background of building motorcycle clothing brands, and love of all things vintage, combine perfectly in creating a fresh moto brand.

The use of vintage style fonts for branding and lettering throughout AOG’s collection – along with bright colours is reminiscent of classic MX. No question the brand’s imagery evokes a nostalgic atmosphere. Equally, inspiration for this brand is drawn from the freedom offered by the motorcycle in general.

A while back, AOG commissioned a flat track custom build by Egerie Moto. So, it’s no surprise to see flat-track, style cues evident in its designs.

The two standout gloves in the collection are the minimalist, Rover (waxed yellow) and the boldly styled, Victory (black/yellow).

Made from soft leather, protection is offered through reinforced rubber integrated into the palms. Both gloves are CE Certified and feature wrist straps for adjustment and comfort.

Goldtop England, Predator Gloves

Goldtop England Predator Motorcycle Gloves Burgundy

Established in 1951, Goldtop England is a brand with which maturer readers may already be familiar. A brand from the golden era of motorcycling.

Now family-owned, it’s certainly become a firm favourite with younger custom and retro riders too. That’s likely owing to Goldtop’s modern take on classic design lines. Equally so, the decidedly high-quality craftsmanship of Goldtop’s products.

Making this list is Goldtop England’s one millimetre, drum-dyed, Aniline cowhide leather gloves, Predator. They’re available in a multitude of contemporary colourways. Sticking with the theme of this article, perhaps one might opt for either the burgundy, sand or the red colourway.

For safety, there’s a knuckle panel on the back of the glove with embedded Knox micro-lock armour. It floats for added comfort. Additional protection is provided through gel-padded fingers – along with double reinforcement in the palm and finger/thumb sections. Triple stitching is also found at all major points of potential stress.

A neo-retro, cafe racer glove with modern protection features is how the Predator can be positioned. With a perforated leather outer skin and silk-lined interior, these gloves are ideal for spring/summer.


Fuel Motorcycles Moto X Gloves

Fuel Moto X Gloves lifestyle

Next up is Fuel Motorcycles, whose transition from custom motorcycle workshop into a moto lifestyle brand is well documented. The Barcelona brand now has a sturdy range of riding gear and motorcycle apparel. Items in Fuel’s riding gear collections will fit perfectly into any retro scrambler/enduro rider’s wardrobe.

For this list, the Fuel Moto X gloves are the chosen. They’re one-hundred per cent leather, finished in bright yellow and black. Inspired by sixties’ motocross-style, the design aesthetic is bold and bright.

Apart from styling, protection is offered through integrated PVC knuckle armour. A safety feature which is consistent across all Fuel motorcycle gloves. Furthermore, the leather panels that provide abrasion resistance on the palms have been anatomically-contoured, for comfort-of-fit.


Biltwell Borrego Gloves on handlebars

Another brand that made a successful transition from its original products is Biltwell. Held in great affection by customisers the world over Biltwell began in 2006. Its primary business back then was aftermarket motorcycle parts. The brand has since diversified into riding gear, moto themed apparel, and moto events. Biltwell’s retro Gringo Helmet adorns the head of many a custom/retro rider.

Forming part of Biltwell’s riding gear collection, the Borrego is glove featured here. A robust one-hundred per cent leather, perforated outer, vintage-inspired glove, with fleece and Lycra lining. Notably, it’s the first of Biltwell’s glove range that meets Europen certification standards. High-impact, plastic knuckle guards no doubt contribute to its safety certification.

Regardless of its classic looks, the Borrego glove is built for the modern rider. Smart screen-compatible thumb and fingertips allude to that. Additional function comes in the form of flexible palm panels. Along with wind and water-resistant thermal lining. The latter probably means that riders in warmer climates can use the gloves on slightly cooler days. Riders in more temperate environments, however, may see the Borrego as Spring/Autumn riding gloves.


RACER Motorcycle Gloves-3-1

Based in Southern France, since 1927 Racer has been creating technical gloves for winter sports and outdoor activities. With that extensive experience; in 1970 the brand launched its first moto glove collection and just over a decade later produced its first heated motorcycle glove.

The glove featured here is the ‘Legacy’ motorcycle glove which admittedly features a healthy dose of black. Legacy has a full goatskin outer layer augmented with a POLYMAX membrane and FIBERFILL insulation. Hands, dry and toasty is the effect. The gloves lack knuckle protection however they are CE Certified, though for which part of the glove is unclear.

There’s a distinct seventies vibe about the gloves which are understated in their styling but not colour. Namely, a brilliant, bright yellow somehow manages to dominant the predominately black backhand of the gloves. To that extent, the colour combination achieves a striking effect.

Despite the classic styling, a nod to the modern world is made with the inclusion of a tactile thumb, for seamless, gloved, smartphone scrolling. Nevertheless, phone operation is recommended while on the road.

By no means is this list of retro motorcycle gloves exhaustive. Nevertheless, it should hopefully spark the imagination, and guide towards moto gear that’s beyond all black.

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