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Pilen Helmet: Husqvarna Motorcycles X Shark Helmets

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Introducing the Pilen helmet and backstory: Back in November 2017, Husqvarna made good on a hefty promise. A promise that was keenly received by both motorcycle press and riders the world over.

The promise? A production version of the Vitpilen 701 concept model.

After what seemed like an eternity, though in fact was a two-year wait (from conception to fully formed production motorcycle), Husqvarna unveiled its (long-lusted after) naked roadster at EICMA in Milan.

And apart from a few regulation-based changes, it was pretty much the same bike as the concept showcased two years earlier.

Husqvarna x Shark = Pilen Helmet

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 2018

Launched in 2018, along with Vitpilen 401 version and the Svartpilen 401, it's hard to dispute the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 is a header-turner.

However, it wasn't the only thing turning heads. A special edition helmet created by SHARK on behalf of Husqvarna, used in the marketing promotion attracted a smattering of attention too.

Enter the ‘Pilen‘ – a monochrome full-face helmet, with an integrated quick-change goggle visor. This lid is Husqvarna's take on the Vancore helmet range. It's been created specifically to complement the Vitpilen and Svartpilen 401 and 701 models.

Pilen Helmet – Husqvarna Motorcycles


Re-imagining the Motorcycle Helmet

Much like the Husqvarna bikes that inspired its creation, the Pilen helmet is a progressive reimagining. Though, this time it's a motorcycle helmet rather than a street bike.

Sure, it's a little stormtrooper-like however as far as stormtrooper-like helmets go the angles and curves are rather fetching.

However, it may not be for all tastes.

It's a little surprising that the Pilen helmet is composed of fibreglass, rather than a more refined composite or full carbon lid.

Nonetheless, the Pilen has a number of contemporary features such as a secure Microlock chinstrap mechanism, for a far more secure fit.

Additionally, it has a double-panel, scratch-resistant quick-change visor, which also allows plenty of room for glasses.

At the time of writing, it appears as though only a few motorcycle clothing & gear outlets worldwide are stocking the Pilen helmet.
Check out Husqvarna's website for more details on pricing and availability.


Shark Vancore Helmet

Unfortunately, the limited edition Husqvarna Pilen helmet is no longer in production. However, the Shark Vancore helmet is still around and available to buy at several online retailers.