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Halley Accessories

Halley Accessories – Motorcycle Helmet Storage, Reimagined

There’s not a more beautiful nor perfect place to hang your lid than Halley Accessories’ beautifully designed Helmet Stand or Wall Rack, maybe save for your head of course. But it’s a close call… very close.

Halley – Minimalistic Design At Its Best

Halley Wall Rack with Bell 500 Custom Open Face Helmet against white wall

From its studio in Barcelona, Halley Accessories creates its marvellously minimalistic designs. Within the brand’s helmet stand, wall rack and hanger it effortless combines utility with an understated, yet eye-catching design. Equally so, high-quality materials with excellent craftsmanship.

As riders, the team at Halley are acutely aware of the allure of moto-inspired decor. More so the venerated status that is given to riders’ motorcycle helmets – first or second (interchangeably) only to a biker’s leather jacket.

Inextricably, the helmet is an extension of a rider’s personality.

Whether it’s a full-face helmet with a tinted visor or clear – alternatively, an open-face with goggles and all of the combinations in between, a helmet hints at the type of person you might be as you scoot-by.

Halley Wall Rack with Red and white Bell Bullitt Full Face Helmet against white wall

Reimagining Helmet Storage

First and foremost, helmets are designed to preserve life – equally, to be admired in the process. As such they’re robust functional items, yet simultaneously precious display pieces. Nevertheless, when not in use it seems that little consideration has been given to the storage of this article, since its invention nearly a century ago.

Halley Wall Rack with Dark Bell Bullitt Carbon Full Face Helmet

Halley Accessories sought to change that a few years ago. Initially, with the launch of a wall rack. The goal? An object deemed aesthetically worthy of holding an item of such elevated status (when it wasn’t being worn). But, simultaneous caring for the helmet in a way, as never before.

Fed-up with storing their own helmets in cupboards the team began its mission. The aim it says was to “… give your helmet the place it deserves in your home, somewhere special to display it.” E

Undoubtedly, there are other and numerous helmet storage options available. Of course, they can found on the usual high volume eCommerce sites.

Some are elaborate in design, others more utilitarian. Nevertheless, none quite match Halley’s offering in terms of successfully fusing a beautiful concept with purpose.

Elegant and Functional

More importantly, according to Halley, many existing helmet racks and stands along with alternative traditional solutions, such as coat hooks feature pointed ends. That invariably results in single pressure points which can potentially tear, misshape and damage the soft interior lining of the helmet. To that end, also (possibly) compromise the fit of the helmet.

We wanted our first product to look elegant and attractive as a piece of design whilst also prioritising function.

Halley Accessories

Motivated by a lack of appealing designs and the short-comings of traditional solutions. Halley embarked on the design of their first product, the Helmet Wall Rack, with a simple brief – elegant and functional.

And the moto-inspired, design house certainly appears to have achieved that goal – while deftly blurring the line between decor and pragmatic storage.

Halley Helmet Wall Rack

Biltwell Gringo hanging on Halley Helmet Wall Rack
Halley Wall Rack – Image: Halley Accessories

Halley’s wall rack (its standard-bearer) was launched first. And as it’s spartan moniker suggests it’s designed to be wall-mounted via a sturdy metal, laser-cut disc. Both open and full-face helmets can be held securely by the brushed, stainless steel orb which sits atop an asymmetrically curved black, metal arm.

Its spherical design is striking. However, more importantly, the rack makes a smoother contact with the inner lining of the helmet (afforded by its greater, globular surface area). Therefore, the aforementioned pressure points are eliminated.

Wherever Halley’s wall rack is mounted, it’s likely to draw attention. More so, however, it places helmets out of harm’s way, beautifully.

Halley Helmet Stand

Halley Accessories Motorcycle Helmet Stand
Halley Helmet Stand – Image: Halley Accessories

Much in the same vein as the Helmet Wall Rack, Halley’s second product the Helmet Stand, fulfils its functional purpose using the same spherical motif and materials. Nonetheless, this time the metal arm is connected to a heavy-duty, (laser-cut) base, that sits flat. So, a solid disc-shaped foundation that will effortlessly hold a helmet, without a hitch.

And while function compels the form of this stand, the outcome is both a literal and figurative pedestal. An interior decor item that objectifies and celebrates, if not worships the form of the helmet. Any flat surface becomes the altar, a coffee table, side table or sideboard etc. The resulting display is contemporary art; the effect, quasi-religious.

Jacket Wall Hanger

Halley Wall Hanger with Norton Jacket
Halley Wall Hanger – Image: Halley Accessories

Lastly, the studio’s most recent addition is a wall hanger. A hanging solution for the other most exalted item of clobber in rider’s wardrobe – the motorcycle jacket.

Once again, the product is simple in design and benefits from a restrained finish. Fine materials in the form of black-dyed oak wood and matte black lathe cut parts are utilised.

Despite the simplicity of its finish, clearly deep contemplation has been given to the intended use. To that end, any jacket hung on Halley’s wall hanger will enjoy greater separation from the wall. Meaning, drying and airing is a far more efficient affair. The wall itself will likely benefit from fewer grimy jacket marks with which most riders are familiar.

With a small but growing portfolio of visually pleasing, yet functional, rider-devoted products, whatever innovation Halley launches next it’s likely to be eagerly anticipated.

Halley’s motorcycle storage accessories are available directly from its website or from a growing number of online retailers.