Honda CB4 Interceptor Concept

Honda CB4 Interceptor Neo-Sports Café Fighter

The Honda CB4 interceptor concept outlines one possible future – the evolution of the sports café: Honda revealed the CB4 Interceptor concept at EICMA on Wednesday 8th November – which appears to be based on a CB1000R engine.


The Honda CB4 Interceptor was created to give Honda designers the opportunity delve into the realm of possibilities – to showcase future tech and the design evolution of the café racer genre.
In Honda’s more succinct words;

“…combining elegance and sportiness while leaving room for a futuristic technology integrated into the flowing design lines…”

Looking in-between LED ring-headlight, you’ll see what you think is a fan and you’re correct.

Honda engineers have created a system which uses residual kinetic energy from the motorcycle to power a tank-located, black touch-screen. That screen, in-turn offers the rider device connectivity, map information and other essential services.

Honda CB4 Interceptor Concept

HONDA CB4 Streetfighter Concept Evolution

This neo-sports café concept, is actually a progression of the earlier CB4 Streetfighter concept – which some of you may remember was revealed at the EICMA show in 2015.

Honda CB4 Streetfighter Concept

Apart from the obvious difference in bike genre, both the CB4 Streetfighter and CB4 Interceptor share a muscular form – though the latter is more toned than muscular. The total black colour scheme, under seat exhaust, low bars and race slicks, give it an mean and assertive look. That meanness is offset by the super-minimalist lines of the half fairing, with a futuristic contrast, luminous yellow, screen.
Honda CB4 Interceptor Concept

The finished result is a rather cultured café fighter machine. And one which we’d hope to see on the streets, though that remains to be seen.


For your enjoyment: Detail images of the CB4 Neo Sports Café below.