Indian Scout Bobber Custom Gold Black Jack Daniel's [Distance Shot]


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As a metal or a colour, I’m not enamoured with gold, particularly on bikes. To me, it feels a little too ostentatious and maybe sometimes a little crass, if applied in too abundant a quantity. Certainly, gold is too ‘bling’ for my tastes.

However when applied subtly, in reasonable measures, as an accent to a contrast colour or the absence of colour (i.e. black) it can give any bike, a superior air of refinement and elegance. The ‘Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Gold & Black Indian Scout Bobber’ custom is one such, fine example.


In a pairing between two of America’s most iconic brands; Jack Daniels (est. 1866) and Indian Motorcycle (est. 1901), – both of whom were first to market, in the States in their respective industries, this custom build uses the acclaimed Indian Scout Bobber as it’s base. This is the third time the pair have teamed up for a special edition.

Indian Scout Bobber Custom Gold Black Jack Daniels Fire shot

Jack Daniel’s Gold & Black Scout Bobber

The Inspiration Behind The Build

Created by ladies and gents over at Klock Werks Kustom Cycles (they’ve previously worked with Indian to great effect), just 177 of these Scout Bobber beauties have been built, as a cheeky nod to the “Old No. 7 Brand”.
The gold and black theme was inspired by the colour scheme of Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade’s trucks. Yes, Jack Daniel’s has its own fire brigade.

Jack Daniel’s Indian Scout Bobber – Honours Service Members & First Responders

Indian Scout Bobber With Jack Daniels [With Fire Trucks]

This custom build was created to honour JD’s Fire Brigade and EMS first responders and in addition promote the message that; “Bottles and throttles don’t mix. Never drink and ride.” Given that it’s a collaboration with a world-renowned distillery, the latter seems somewhat of a juxtaposition. Nevertheless, who are we to complain (juxtaposed or not), when a custom as refined as this, turns up on your interwebs?

Indian Scout Bobber Custom Gold Black Jack Daniels [V-Twin]

According to Indian Motorcycle; “The 2016 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield and Chief Vintage models sold out in less than 8 hours, while the 2017 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Chieftain sold out in less than 10 minutes.”.

You wouldn’t bet against this Scout Bobber selling out even faster.  So let’s face it, most of us will never get anywhere near close to owning one of these limited editions bikes – however that shouldn’t stop you from trying if you have the means and the desire.

Regardless of ownership, I’m happy enough, to see more of these collaborations – if they produce incredible machines like this. Klock Werks Kustom Cycles should take a well-deserved bow.

‘Gold & Black’ – Indian Scout Bobber Custom Details

The limited-edition Jack Daniel’s Gold & Black Indian Scout Bobber will go on global sale at 2 PM EST on Tuesday, 13th March – with delivery expected in August 2018.

EMEA details haven’t been announced yet and of course, due to alcohol advertising restrictions in some countries in EMEA, this model will simply not be available. Pricing in the U.S. and Canada starts $15,999 and $19,999 respectively.

Indian Scout Bobber Custom Gold Black Jack Daniels [Fire Shot]
  • Two-tone matte black paint
  • Premium gloss black finishes on the fender struts, hand control levers, engine valve covers, and exhaust tips
  • Gold coloured Indian Scout tank badge
  • Montana Silversmith badge individually numbered – coated with 24-carat gold
  • Chopped fenders
  • Bar-end mirrors
  • Vented exhaust shields
  • Knobbly tyres
  • Sleek headlight nacelle
  • Perforated leather seat with Jack Daniels insignia and gold piping
  • Commemorative fireman’s axe, engraved with the owner’s name and motorcycle number