Tarform Luna Racer Bodywork and headlight

Touted as the “motorcycle of tomorrow” the vintage-inspired, Tarform Luna electric motorcycle is an exquisite, prospective vision of electric mobility. It’s a culmination of founder Taras Kravtchouk and his team’s vision (though more aptly toils) over five years, to fuse classic motorcycle form with contemporary technology.  

Tarform Luna Racer and Scrambler

Tarform Luna Racer Electric Motorcycle
Tarform Luna Racer in its natural urban environment – Image: Tarform

Available in a scrambler or factory café racer format, the Luna is capable of a range of 120 miles with a 10 kWh battery pack powered by Sony cells. Nought to 60 mph is reached in sub-four seconds via an electric powertrain that achieves 41 kW (55 hp), topping out at 120 mph.

Tarform Scrambler in the Mojave desert with rider in the fore
The Tarform Luna Scrambler in the Mojave desert – Image: Tarform

The bike’s environmentally friendly credentials are found not only within the zero emissions of electric mobility but also through its construction. To that end, this minimalist machine (handbuilt in Brooklyn, NY), uses materials that are ultimately biodegradable at the end of their lifecycle.

This can be seen in the side panels that are composed of a natural fibre weave, using flaxseed as its base. Additionally, the plush seat is created with a combination of fruit cellulose, natural tree sap and coconut fibres. Furthermore, components are affixed with a non-toxic, bio-based resin.

Tarform Luna Racer front end
Front-end of the Luna Racer showing the headlight housed behind a grill casing – Image: Tarform

Pertinently, the Luna seeks to mitigate obsolescence through modularity. It’s an aim manifested within the bodywork and battery of the motorcycle. Eventually, both can be removed and upgraded.

Tarform Luna Racer Electric Motorcycle Hands on Handle Bars
Handlebars on the Luna Racer offer a more upright riding position than the typical café racer – Image: Tarform

Retro Futuristic Electrocycle

Finished in brushed, recycled aluminium and supplied with either (18″) billet aluminium or spoked wheels the Luna Racer and Scrambler’s design can be classed as futuristic-retro.  It’s clear that inspiration comes from classic cafe racers and scramblers from the mid to late 20th century. A healthy dose of 21st-century new-wave custom aesthetic also influences form. 

Tarform Luna Scrambler brushed Aluminium
Brushed, recycled aluminium emphasises the minimalist design motif of the Luna Scrambler – Image: Tarform

Innovative Features Fused with Classic Lines

While the Luna may be inspired by the past, it features several forward-looking technologies that augment the riding experience. These include a blind spot detector that offers haptic feedback through the seat, regenerative braking, a 180º rear camera, keyless ignition and a 3.4″ HD instruments display integrated with LTE and Bluetooth.

Tarform Luna Scrambler Instruments Display
Modern gadgetry is woven into the classic form of the Luna, demonstrated here by the high-definition instruments’ display panel – Image: Tarform

Perhaps one of the most progressive features is the acoustic resonator. Developed with sound engineer and film score composer Adam Nordén, it amplifies the sound of the electric motor as the bike accelerates. It’s likely to be appreciated by riders of traditional combustion-engined two-wheelers. And certainly, it nullifies the ‘noiseless’ complaints about electric motorcycles.

Consequently in the future, it may not be loud pipes that save lives but acoustic resonators that save us all.

Tarform is taking orders for the Luna Racer and Scrambler now, with the first deliveries to customers scheduled for summer 2022.

Luna Racer and Scrambler Specifications at a Glance

  • Battery: 10kwh battery pack Sony Power Cells
  • Power:  41kw (55hp)
  • Weight:   440 lbs 200kg
  • Top Speed:  120 mph
  • Range:  120 miles 
  • Charge Time:  0-80% in 50 minutes
Tarform Luna Racer Electric Motorcycle with rider and cockpit
Multiple rider modes are a feature of the Luna Racer – Image: Tarform
Tarform Luna Racer Electric Motorcycle Rider Looks back
Look back appeal is incredibly high – Image: Tarform
The scrambler variant of the Tarform Luna is put through its paces in the hostile Mojave desert – Image: Tarform